Fundamentals of Computer Architecture

Support Materials

1. Software

The JASP Toolkit Check out the JASP Toolkit site.
Digital Works Check out the site at

2. Lecturers Materials

You will find all the materials for each chapter here. Both the slides and handouts are available in Adobe PDF format.

Further materials are coming at the end of 2004.

Chapter Slides (PDF) Handouts (PDF)
Preface Slides Handouts
1. Introducing The Processor Slides Handouts
Review of chapters 1 to 7 Slides Handouts
8. The Hardware Engineer’s Perspective Slides Handouts


3. Examples

Chapter Examples

4. Exercises

Answers to chapter exercises Only available to lecturers, via the Palgrave book support website.

5. Errata

Page 26. 'therfore' should be 'therefore';
Page 62. Exercise 3 refers to the absorbtion law, this should be the distributive law;
Page 133. At the top of the page, the logical AND operation should use an equals sign, rather than a left arrow;
Page 188. The one list item in the summary hardware support for the stack should close with a full stop rather than a semi-colon;
Page 199. Exercise 3 should reference exercise 2 rather than exercise 3.



Updated 23rd. September, 2004.