The JASP Toolkit

Copyright 1995 - 2004 Mark Burrell

What Is The JASP Toolkit?

Downloading The JASP Toolkit

What Is The JASP toolkit?

The JASP toolkit is a set of programs and files based around a simple CPU called JASP. The main tool is called JASPer.

JASPer is a computer aided learning package that aims to teach processor fundamentals. It presents a simple hypothetical CPU as an animated display of registers and associated data paths, enabling the user to examine processor activities involved in the execution of machine instructions.

The JASP Toolkit is aimed at institutions teaching course in computer systems fundamentals or related courses - it is free (albeit it is well worth your while to buy the book, or at least check out the book support materials).

The package is available for download from :

The usual proviso to this is that the author of this package, and the distributors, cannot accept responsibility for any disruption, damage and/or loss to your data or computer system that may occur while using this package. Exclusive rights to distribute this package belong to the author only - all other deals have been ended.

JASPer had a make-over in 2003. Why? Because it's described in a book, 'Fundamentals of Computer Architecture', published by Palgrave.

What is in the new version of JASPer?

  • It has improved interrupt functionality;
  • It has 2 instruction sets, a new basic instruction set as well as a 2-word instruction set to give a simple seamless memory model that you don't need to use indirect addressing to get to;
  • An updated JASP assembler;
  • A clearer main graphic, supplied by Dan Hodgson.

UPDATE - The long term replacement for JASP is Sedici - it is work in progress

Downloading The JASP Toolkit

Please note the following, prior to downloading:-

  • This software is distributed as freeware.
  • Any use of this program is entirely at the risk of the user. No liability will be accepted by the author.
  • This code must not be sold, even in modified form, without the written permission of the author.
  • This code must also not be distributed without the permission of the author.
  • Use of the software will be taken as acceptance of the above terms.

Files For Download
Installing The JASP Toolkit

Files For Download

File Version Description 2.2

The JASP Toolkit - This zip file contains all of the files listed in the readme.txt.


Installing The JASP Toolkit

The JASP toolkit has various tools, some of which work in Microsoft Windows, while others work on Linux systems. The installation instructions for each environment are given below. Refer to the readme.txt file within the toolkit for a description of each file, and how it can be used. The file appendix.pdf contains full details of the entire toolkit.

Installing On Windows

The JASP toolkit is distributed as a zipped archive, and you need to unzip this archive into a directory on your computer. None of the JASP tools make use of the Windows registry, and so no further installation is necessary, apart from you may set up any desktop icons or menu options as you prefer. You can additionally set up an environment variable called JASP, and update your path as listed below - but this is only really required if you intend to make use of the JASP assembler or Aspen. If you do wish to update your path and use the JASP environment variable then place the following lines in your autoexec.bat file (this assumes you have installed the JASP toolkit at the location c:\jasp\ :

set path=%path%;c:\jasp\
set JASP=c:\jasp\

Installing on Linux

Once again, unzip the archive into a directory on your computer - something like ~/jasp. As all the tools for Linux are command-line driven, it makes sense to set up the path and the JASP environment. You may need to do this differently, depending on your flavour of Linux, but on my system, using the bash shell, all I need to do is update .bash_profile with:

export JASP=~/jasp/

Additionally, to make the assembler work successfully, you will need to ensure that the first line of the program uses the correct location for Perl on your system. You may also want to set up a logical file to point to the like this:

cd $JASP
ln -s jasm

Once you start JASPer under Windows you should see something like this :-


If you have a problem, or want further information, simply email